Reasons Why I Believe in God

My Christian TestimonyHow I Came to Believe in God

  • Here is the story about how I came to believe in God. I had lived over 40 years before I learned there was scientific evidence that God exists.

Origin of LifeLife did not Happen by Chance

  • The cell and the DNA molecule are too incredibly complex to have happened by chance. DNA is made in the cell, and the cell is made from the instructions in the DNA. The cell must have been designed.

DinosaursHow Dinosaurs Fit in With Creation

  • Iguanas, up to six feet long, and Komodo dragons, up to ten feet long, both larger than the smallest dinosaurs, are not called dinosaurs only because dinosaurs are supposedly extinct.

Noah’s ArkNoah’s Ark and the Global Flood

  • The Global flood as described in the Bible caused the fossil record. The Ark was very large, and had room for representatives of all kinds of animals.

FossilsFossils are Evidence of a World-Wide Flood

  • Fossilization happens when living things are covered with sediment and then minerals replace living tissue. Only minor differences within species can be found in the fossil record, giving no evidence for gradual development over time.

DarwinCharles Darwin Doubts about His Theory

  • Charles Darwin gave many reasons why his theory is not true. This page has quotes from his book, Origin of Species, stating what evidence is missing.

ScienceScientific Fact is not Determined by Majority Rule

  • Scientists used to examine evidence and then make conclusions. But, most scientists today believe that everything must have a natural explanation. Making a conclusion before examining the evidence is not scientific.

FraudsThere would not be Evolution Frauds if there was Evidence

  • Fraudulent evidence is used as proof for evolution. If evidence existed, fraudulent evidence would not be required.

EvolutionWhat is Called Evolution is Actually Genetics

  • Genetic variability is mistakenly called evolution. For something to truly evolve, it has to acquire genetic material that its parents or other ancestors didn’t already have.

DogsWolves, Coyotes and Dogs are the Same Species

  • I use dogs, coyotes, wolves, etc, as an example that animals are in distinct groups, such as dogs cats or bears. Each groups has many variations, but there is no overlapping between groups.

God and EvolutionJesus was a Creationist

  • Jesus believed and taught the stories of the six days of creation, Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark and the global flood as historical events.

GenesisGenesis Chapter 1: The Six Days of Creation

  • The text of the Bible book of Genesis, showing the creation, and the description of the days of creation.

FavoritesMy favorite Bible verses and Websites

  • My favorite Bible verses, Bible translation, online Bible software, scientific creation websites, worldwide Christian radio station, and more

My Book ReviewsBooks with Scientific Evidence that God Exists

  • This is a short list of my very favorite books that have scientific evidence that God exists. These books are either by scientists or quote profusely from peer reviewed science journals.

Site MapSummary and Site Map

  • A summary of this site on one page.