Meet Rufus the Wonder Bird!


Rufus the Wonder Bird 

This is Rufus the Wonder Bird. He’s an African Grey Parrot. He’s under the impression he runs things. African Grey Parrots have the reputation for the most intelligent and best talkers of all parrots. I had no idea of what I was getting into!

Rufus was a child of a divorce. His owners divorced, and neither one wanted him. I was working in a pet shop when I met him and he picked me to be his new mommy. Parrots pick their owners a lot of the time. They can be quite insistent!

Rufus is quite a naughty boy, but he is quite loveable nevertheless. He is a laugh a minute, but very strong willed.

He likes to make fun of one of my dogs. My dog Nicki was an abandoned puppy, and has never recovered from the feeling. She is afraid of everything and yipes when she is afraid. Whenever my hubby or I say Nicki’s name, Rufus yipes. He is quite the comedian!


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