Meet Belty the Wonder Dog!


2/4/2006Belty the Wonder Dog

This is Belty, short for Belteshazzar. He’s a really good boy. He was due to be "destroyed" at the pound before he came to live with us.

Recycled pets are the best! I think he remembers what life on the street was like. He appreciates the loving arms of his mom and dad and a soft warm bed. Next time you want some more love in your life, look into getting a recycled doggie or kitty.

This is how he looks when he has just had a Marine haircut. When his hair gets too long, he becomes Velcro Boy, and everything sticks to him. He likes his short haircut. For one thing, he looks so handsome. For another thing, he can feel back scratches a lot better with short hair. Boy, does he like back scratches!


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