We tore apart our pond yesterday.


When I say "our pond" I am referring to the 10X15 foot, two feet deep pond my hubby and I built last May. We got a kit from Garden Ponds Unlimited in Moore, Oklahoma. I just looked at their website and I see that they added a little film showing different ponds:

Garden Ponds Unlimited

We didn’t have it professionally installed. We did it our self, so it has a few bugs. We were losing water every day, so we decided to take the rocks off of the sides of the waterfall liner to see where the leaks were.

Also, we built a hump out of the dirt that we dug out and that is where the waterfalls starts from. We started out with a plain pile of dirt and put in some ground cover. We’ve had a big problem with keeping the weeds out. So, we are starting over with the landscaping, too.

We are not wealthy or anything like that, but we really wanted this and saved up for the kit. We saved a lot of money doing the work ourselves.

Below are two pictures of how it looked when we first finished it last year. We want to figure out a way we can have plants on the hump, but no weeds. We are off to the library to get books on landscaping.

Anyway, my mother is coming to visit from California in about a month and a half and we are hoping to be through with the overhaul by then.

Wish us luck!


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