Dating relationships in our fish pond

My hubby brought home five more goldfish at lunch. (His boss has a pond that has too many fish and gave them away.) Apparently, these five new fish are female, and very beautiful, as far as the young men fish born last year are concerned.

The only way I can who is a boy fish and who is a girl fish is by who is chasing whom. These new fish are bigger than our babies born last year by about three times, but, that isn’t stopping the boys from feeling amorous. Half of the babies are chasing the new ones around. It must be close to spring!

It was funny how the timing worked out. On one hand, it is almost spring and it is warming up here and the birds in our backyard have already been choosing mates. But, add to the mix some new faces in the pond, and that is really warming things up in the hearts of the young men fish.

Boy oh boy! This is going to be an interesting spring!


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