It is difficult to make friends with a lovebird


I’ve been trying to make friends with Pipsqueak, my only lovebird. His little lovebird buddy died some time back, so he is all alone.  He’s just not interested in being friends with me!

Here’s the funny part: He will let me snuggle him and scratch his head — He will sit on my chest while I’m in the recliner and lean into my hand while I snuggle him and scratch his head — BUT He bites me the whole time! He’s a  silly little fella!
He’s a funny looking little bird. I adopted him after finding him in a pet shop all beat up and tore up by other lovebirds. (I’m a softy for a bird with a hard luck story) He has never grown feathers back on his neck, too much scar tissue, I guess. I’ll never give up on this little guy. He is loveable despite his naughty habits and homely looks.
He hangs out with the budgies (parakeets) and thinks he is one of them, but he is not special friends with any of the budgies. The budgies are all paired up with each other. I’m hoping he’ll find a friend in there eventually. One of my budgies will preen my cockatiel, Jonah, when they are together, so, it’s not too much to hope for.


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