Dog versus squirrel: Who will win?


Well, at our house, the squirrels win every time. The squirrels sit on top of our fence and shake their fluffy tails and say Neener Neener to my dogs Nicki and Belty. The squirrels initiate the confrontation. I think they do it on purpose!

I have smallish/medium-ish dogs and I have a six foot fence. There is no chance that they would ever catch a squirrel, but they have fun trying.

I was just sitting out by the pond enjoying the cool morning and I was watching the birds, the fish, the doggies, and all of the other things that God created. I could sit out there all day. The squirrels were apparently still asleep, or they would have been teasing the dogs.

But, my job awaits. I’m about to clock in. Have a good day everybody!


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