I wish Peanut Boy would learn a few more words.


Peanut Boy
Peanut Boy — Timneh African Grey Parrot

Peanut Boy talks a lot about his favorite thing.

Here is a partial list of some of Peanut Boy’s vocabulary:

want peanut…

Want Peanut

Want peanut!

Want peanut!

Want peanut!

Want peanut!

Want peanut!!


Yep, Peanut Boy likes his peanuts! I wanted to put all of these inflections in "My Parrots’ Vocabulary" list, but the lists’ capabilities do not do justice to all the different tones of voice he uses.

He does know one really good trick. When the dogs are outside barking at something he whistles for them to come in. Good boy, Peanut Boy!


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