We have a new doggie! Welcome home to Lily!


Hi Everybody!

My hubby has been wanting another dog. We already have two medium dogs, but my hubby was thinking of a small, fuzzy dog. We decided to keep our eyes open for who needed us instead of supporting the pet trade by buying a puppy. Also, our other dogs (who needed us) are both about nine years old. I didn’t want to bring home a bouncy puppy while our two other dogs were starting to slow down.

But, let me backtrack for a minute: The day before yesterday, my bird Penny broke a feather and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. A bleeding broken feather will not stop bleeding until you pull it out, and we couldn’t see the broken feather. We went to a vet who treats birds that we had recently heard about. We fortunately got there just as they were closing. The vet knew how to find the broken feather right away and Penny is fine, now.

The next day, yesterday, we went back to the vet’s office, and we going to look at the aviary we had heard that they have on site. When we walked in the lobby, we saw this pitiful little doggie and started to talk with its owner. Then, we totally forgot about looking at the aviary!

We met Wanda, and it turns out that she and her hubby were good Samaritans who took in this pitiful little doggie and was getting it medical attention while trying to find a home for her. It turns out that this doggie was apparently abandoned. She is so skinny it is very sad. We told them that we had been looking for a little dog who needed us.

They were very happy to hear that we wanted this little misfit. We offered to pay towards the medical bill, and they said “No”. They were just happy to get the poor thing a loving home.

So, now we have a little misfit doggie named Lilly. She looks to be about nine years old according to the vet, but we’ll never know. (But, all three dogs are around the same age.) She has a really bad hair cut, we are guessing because of matted hair being cut off with scissors. She has a crooked grin like Harrison Ford does sometimes because her bottom fang sticks out sideways some and sometimes holds her upper lip up. She is so skinny that you feel you are going to cut your hand on her back bone when you pet her. Her front legs are too short and bowlegged. She is so out of proportion that when she starts getting into position to go “poop” she does a momentary handstand and her back legs go into the air since her front legs are so short.

So here’s the deal: We had never been to that vet before. We only went because our regular vet does not treat birds. God just had to break Penny’s feather so that we would be at the vet at the right time to meet Lilly. We feel that God chose us to be Lilly’s caretaker.


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