Does this little doggie look ferocious to you?


Ferocious Lilly
Lilly the Terrible

Don’t let this little dog fool you! Lilly is ferocious! When she moved in, we felt sorry for her and wanted to let her know that she was welcome here. Well, we did too good of a job. Now, she thinks she is the ONLY doggie welcome here!

Believe it or not, she growls at and picks fights with Nicki and Belty who are both much bigger than she is. This morning, she got on her back legs (like on her tippy toes) and reached up to put her front paws on Nicki’s back. Then she growled at her! She was showing dominance to a doggie three times her size!

Here’s my blog from when she first moved in here: Lilly’s story. We certainly would never guessed how ferocious she would become from how pitiful she was. (I blogged more in the days after we got her with some updates.)

We will have to show her that my hubby and I are the top dogs around here, not her.


Belty and Nicki -- Shaking in their boots
Belty and Nicki

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