We had a private bird show at the zoo!


We went to the zoo on Saturday. I especially wanted to see the bird show. I had not been to the zoo since they added the bird show. Anyway, we went to the bird show and the lady brought out a cockatoo and was talking about parrots. She asked if anybody in the audience had parrots and we raised our hands. She talked to us through the microphone asking if our parrots did certain things and how old they were. She was helping the audience to know what a handful parrots are and how long they live and how much a lifelong commitment they are.

Anyway, after the show, we went up and talked to the trainer. We asked if they had an African Grey Parrot and she said yes, and that it would be in the next show that day. We said we’d go buy tickets for the next show. But, she said come on, I’ll bring her out! She had us sit in front of the podium and she brought out the bird and put her though her paces. She did a lot of talking on cue. African Grey parrots are such fun!

This is an older bird, and it has a mind of its own, she said (don’t they all). She was going to give it a practice show anyway, and she let us watch.

Such fun!


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