By golly, my African Grey Parrot, Rufus DOES pay attention at school!


Rufus, my parrot, likes to do sound effects and animal sounds. He knew a lot before he came to live with me, and he has learned more since. I’ve been trying to teach him the name of all his sounds in the hopes that he can learn to do them on cue.

For instance, he whines like a puppy and I say "Puppy", then he meows and I say "Kitty", etc. Rufus can tell when we are having "school" because when he does a sound and I tell him what it is called, he does another one and another one as I tell him what each is called. He likes this "game".

But …. when I ask him to do a Kitty or a Peacock, etc, all he does is whine like a puppy. That apparently is his favorite sound. But, I can tell he understands the general principle that I expect him to do a sound…………….

Well, last week my hubby asks my dogs what kind of dog food they want for dinner. (we talk to our animals a lot!). He suggested chicken and Rufus goes "Buck Buck Buck Buck". Rufus actually was paying attention all those days at school!

Good bird, Rufus!


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