My African Grey Parrot, Rufus, at school: Continued.


Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s blog:

A few days ago, my parrot Rufus and I had "school" some more. Rufus was doing his sounds and I was telling him what they were called.

Later, I asked Rufus to do a chicken, kitty, doggie, etc. Each time he would just do a "puppy" (his favorite sound). So, just for kicks, I asked my hubby to do a chicken, and when he did it, I praised him. Then I continued to ask my hubby to do a kitty, then a doggie, then a peacock, etc. Each time he did the sound, I told him what a good hubby he was. Rufus was moving his mouth the whole time while deciding whether he wanted to join in. But, he never said anything.

This "game" seemed to get Rufus’s attention a lot more than just me asking him to do a sound. I’m going to try this some more — pending my hubby’s willingness, that is!


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