My parrot, Rufus, and I have been having fun at school


I’ve blogged lately about trying to teach Rufus, the parrot in my picture above, to talk on cue. My hubby and I are still working on Rufus’s schooling.

Our other African Grey Parrot, Peanut Boy, doesn’t talk nearly as much as Rufus can, but he will give kisses when you ask him to. When I ask Rufus to do a kitty, or another one of his sounds (and he doesn’t), I will then ask my hubby or Peanut Boy to do a sound. Then, I tell them how good they are.

Rufus does not like the competition! (You should see the dirty looks he gives me when I ask my hubby or Peanut Boy to talk.) And, he does not like others getting the attention that is rightfully his. He is getting closer to wanting to talk when asked.

Good boy, Rufus!


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