My Parrots' Vocabulary!


I have two parrots who talk, Rufus and Peanut Boy. Check out their website!

I will be adding to this list as I remember new things. They say a lot, I just haven’t written them down before.

Peanut Boy

Peanut Boy’s vocabulary:

  • (whew!)
  • (whistles for the dogs) (Peanut Boy whistles for the dogs if they bark too much.)
  • Want peanut
  • Want peanut!
  • WANT PEANUT! (Peanut Boy has a one track mind.)


Rufus’s Vocabulary:

  • (barks like a dog)
  • (bomb falling and exploding) (This one is interactive. If I do the bomb falling whistle he will do the explosion.)
  • (cell phone ring)
  • (clicks tongue)
  • (clucks like a chicken)
  • (coughs, cough, cough
  • (dial phone) What’s new? Mm hm, mm hm, mm hm… (Woman’s voice)
  • (dials phone) Hello, yeah, OK, bye bye (Man’s voice)
  • (dog howling)
  • (dog yapping) (Little, yappy dog. This must be "Merlin".)
  • (dove cooing) (Rufus loves animal calls.)
  • (kiss sound)
  • (lady’s scream)
  • (laughing)(This is a hearty belly laugh in a man’s voice.)
  • (meows like a kitty)
  • (microwave beep)
  • (mumbling)
  • (peacock call)
  • (smoke alarm)
  • (squeaks) (Rufus loves to imitate squeaky doors and drawers.)
  • (tunk tunk tunk tunk)(This sound like knocking on a hollow metal tank.)
  • (whew!)
  • (whines like a puppy)
  • (whistles for the dogs)
  • (wolf whistle)
  • Bad boy
  • Booooop
  • Buck buck buck buck bird
  • Bye bye
  • C’mere
  • C’mere (snap snap snap snap – snapping fingers sound
  • Good boy! (Rufus does not say this very often! He’s a naughty boy most of the time!)
  • Ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Hello baby!
  • Hello birby! (Rufus gets baby and bird mixed up and it comes out birby.)
  • Hello bird! (He will walk up to other birds and say this.)
  • Hello Merlin
  • Hello!
  • Hey! (Rufus first said this after getting dive bombed by a parakeet.)
  • La la la la la la la (Rufus like to make up his own songs.)
  • Marco! (waiting for us to say Polo) (Rufus likes interactive games)
  • Merlin! No! No! No! No! (From what I gather Rufus used to live with a little yappy dog named Merlin.)
  • Merlin! Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit!!
  • No way!
  • No! No! No! No!
  • Oh
  • Oh, boy
  • Oh, yeah
  • Pretty bird
  • Pretty boy
  • Shhh
  • Sit
  • WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! (This one is loud!)
  • What!
  • What! What! What! What! What!
  • What’s new bird?
  • What’s new?
  • What’s that?
  • Whee ooooh!
  • Whew!
  • Whoa!
  • Women!


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