Presenting my sweet cockatiel Pretty Penny!


This is Penny, my very sweet cockatiel. I’ve had Penny longer than any of my pet birds. She was very wild when I first got her, but over time she has grown very bonded to me. She wants to be with me all the time and is very insistent, too! I work at home, on this computer, and Penny likes to sit on my shoulder or lap or the back of my chair while I work.

Sometimes, she gets restless and runs up and down my arm until she figures out where she’s going to sit. Sometimes, she’ll run down one arm, across my keyboard, and up the other arm! In the evenings, she sits on my shoulder until bedtime. My hubby doesn’t mind because Peanut Boy, our Timneh African Grey, is on his shoulder all evening! Meanwhile, Rufus, my Congo African Grey Parrot, is usually getting into trouble someplace.

My Pretty Penny

My Pretty Penny

Penny even likes to go for rides in the car. I take her places like the pet shop and hardware stores – places that I can get away with it. People always ask me how I get her to stay on my shoulder. The thing is, it’s hard to get her OFF my shoulder. Like I said, she wants to be with me all the time.

Rufus gets the most attention here in my blog because he is so funny, naughty and entertaining. But, Penny loves me in a way that Rufus never will.


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