My girl dog Nicki is Daddy’s Girl. She loves my hubby.


We’ve had Nicki for almost ten years. We got her as an abandoned puppy. She has never gotten over the feeling of abandonment, apparently. She needs constant reassurance that she is loved. She behaves like a rival for my hubby’s attention. She is Daddy’s Girl to the max.

We recently got another dog, Lily. Nicki thinks that Lilly is going to take Daddy’s love from her, so there is some rivalry between them, but they are gradually becoming better friends. Nicki is happiest and most secure when she is no more than one molecule away from Daddy.

Nicki relaxing on Daddy's leg

Daddy’s Girl

Belty, our boy dog, on the other hand, is very secure, and just sits back and watches the girls fight for Daddy’s love. Belty knows that he is loved.


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