Confessions of a Bird Lady! I love birds and I have parrots, cockatiels, lovebirds and parakeets


Yep, I’m a Bird Lady. I love animals and I like to surround myself with pets. In addition to my three mutt dogs, two free-range box turtles, and my goldfish in the pond, I have a lot of pet birds. They are all parrot type birds including two cockatiels, two African grey parrots, a lovebird and a lot of parakeets. Here’s a few of my birds:

Rufus the Wonder Bird - African grey parrot My Pretty Penny - Cockatiel Peanut Boy - Timneh African grey parrot

Pipsqueak - Lovebird Jonah - Cockatiel Beady and Miss Piggy - Parakeet (husband and wife)

  • Hover your mouse over the pictures to see what type of birds they are.

  • Click images for larger view.

My cockatiels, Penny and Jonah, just came to see me. They must have heard me thinking of them, tee hee. I open their house first thing in the morning, and they get to choose if they want to play on top of their house, or jump off and waddle over to see Mom.

Oh, in addition to being a Bird Lady, I am also a wife with a very understanding hubby. Thank you, sweetie!

My birds have their own website! Their website has their biographies. Some of my birds are adopted and I talk about how they came to live with me. I am very much in favor of adopting homeless animals! All three of our doggies are adopted mutts.


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