Rest in Peace Miss Piggy. One of my sweet parakeets has just died.


My parakeet, Miss Piggy, the mate and constant companion of Beady, just died. We will miss her very much.

I just wrote in my previous blog entry that I am a Bird Lady. I love to give homes to homeless birds. There is always room for one more.

I first saw Miss Piggy in a cage by herself at PetSmart. She only had one foot, and they kept her separate from the other birds because of that. I told the manager to please give her to me, and I would see that she had a happy home all her life. I already had a cage full of parakeets, and had other handicapped birds, too. I thought she would be happy with us. I named this little one-legged bird "Piggy" after a joke about a three-legged pig. When Piggy matured, and I saw she was a female, I rechristened her "Miss Piggy".

Meanwhile, Joy, another parakeet I had taken in because she only had one eye, fell in love with Davy, an old man parakeet whose owner had moved overseas in the military. Joy and Davy had babies, one of whom was Beady. When he was little, Beady had big, black eyes that looked like beads, hence the name. As Beady grew, he came to look just like Miss Piggy. They could have been twins, but I knew they were not related.

In time, Beady and Miss Piggy fell in love and have been inseparable ever since. They would snuggle constantly. Miss Piggy had trouble getting around, and Beady would make sure she had plenty to eat by feeding her mouth to mouth. They made an adorable couple since they looked identical except for the color of the "cere" where their nostrils are: blue for boys and pink for girls.

Good bye, Miss Piggy. We will miss you.


Beady, left, and Miss Piggy, right. Miss Piggy, we will miss you very much.

Beady, left, and Miss Piggy, right

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