Meet Peanut Boy the Wonder Bird!


I don’t talk about Peanut Boy too much. Peanut Boy is a nice, quiet bird, and not naughty at all. Rufus, the naughty bird, gets more press because of all of his silly antics. Peanut Boy, meanwhile, just happily loves his Daddy (my hubby).

My hubby wasn’t a bird person when I got hooked on hook-billed birds (tee hee). But, he has become a bird person, at least where Peanut Boy is concerned. Don’t ask him about it, though. He won’t admit it…

Peanut Boy loves to sit on my hubby’s shoulder all evening and sweet talk him. Seriously, he likes to whisper sweet nothings in my hubby’s ear.

Peanut Boy

My hubby is Peanut Boy’s second love. His first owner died leaving Peanut Boy very sad and stressed. He became a feather picker because of that. When I adopted him, he was almost snatched bald on his chest. I’m happy he fell in love with my hubby. Hopefully, he will someday be so happy and secure that he will stop picking his feathers.

(In this picture, he has a messy face. Carrots are fun to tear up and throw around!)


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