I am so ready for Spring!

It’s been cold! I miss going outside and sitting by the pond and watching the fish. The pond has been frozen over a lot this winter. The fish are fine as God designed them to be able to survive winter, but, I miss being able to watch them.

I also like to watch birds. Wild birds love coming to our pond for a drink and a bath. The birds still come and take a bath in the partly frozen waterfall. But now, I just get to watch them out the window.

I’m "stuck" here all day because I work at home. I miss taking my coffee breaks outside.

Come on Spring!


Here’s a picture of what the pond looked like last Spring: 

I am so ready for Spring!

Here’s what the pond has looked like lately:

(The ice and snow has melted some since this picture was taken)

Brrr. It's cold!

Brr! I am so ready for Spring!


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