My parakeet is trying to hatch a jellybean!


I have a lot of pet birds, including parakeets. Most of my parakeets are brothers and sisters. Two homeless parakeets that I took in years ago fell in love and had babies three times. Since they were so cute, I got attached to them and kept them all.

Lately, one of my parakeets has been laying eggs. But, her mate is her brother, so, we don’t want them to have babies. My hubby has been taking away the eggs (I can’t do it). But, she keeps laying more to take their place.

The other day, my hubby got the idea to give her a white jellybean to sit on the next time she laid an egg. He bought some jellybeans, and we waited for her to lay another egg so he could replace it.

It worked! She is sitting happily on a jellybean. So, maybe she will quit laying eggs now.


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