New additions to our family!


We adopted two bunnies last Saturday. They are still adjusting to their new home. I will be posting pictures of them, soon.

They are full grown, a male and female. They are both "fixed", but they snuggle all the time. They were already named Jellybean and Cadbury, and we are keeping their names.

Jellybean is a roly-poly boy bunny. We will be helping him to slim down. Cadbury is a slender girl bunny. Since Jellybean is shaped like a jellybean, it’s easy to remember who is who.

They are not afraid of our dogs at ALL! The dogs don’t mind them, either. The dogs are used to birds flitting around, already. We are keeping them in a bunny fence. If the dogs ever go up to the fence to sniff, the bunnies meet them there. The bunnies must already be used to dogs from their old family.


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