It has been too wet for my new bunnies to play outside.

It’s been raining like crazy here in Oklahoma! We have had a whole lot of thunderstorms for days. There’s so much rain that it has made the national news. Fortunately, there’s not been two many tornado scares during the rain. I am not very fond of tornados! It’s supposed to keep raining off and on for the next week.

Our new bunnies were supposed to be free-range, hop around the backyard bunnies, but with all this rain they’ve been indoor bunnies. They were used to being outdoor bunnies before we adopted them, but we don’t have the proper housing for them yet. We have them in an exercise pen in the house so they have room to romp, so they seem happy enough.

Our box turtles are doing fine in the rain. They have a lot of hidey holes in the backyard. The goldfish in the pond aren’t minding the rain either, tee hee.


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