Wet bunnies!


As I said recently, we added two homeless bunnies to our family a couple of weeks ago. As I said before, they were already outdoor bunnies when we adopted them. We wanted two hop-around-the-backyard-bunnies, and the bunny rescue lady recommended Jellybean and Cadbury to us.

For a while, I was bringing them into the house when it rained, and it’s been raining a LOT here. We have since gotten a bunny hutch and put it under our gazebo so that they have a dry home when it rains.

Jellybean, boy bunny Cadbury, girl bunny

Apparently, staying dry when it rains is not a priority for them! I went out this morning to check on them, and they were both damp. I put them both in the hutch, and I sat outside for a while to watch what they would do.

Well, Cadbury happily hopped down the bunny ramp out of her hutch and went to play in the rain, nibbling fresh grass. They get bunny pellets, bunny hay, and fresh veggies, but they like nibbling grass, too.

God designed rabbits to live outside, and I guess my bunnies are perfectly happy outside, no matter what the weather!


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