I saw a hawk land by my goldfish pond yesterday!

I was at my kitchen sink yesterday, and out my window I saw a big hawk land right in by backyard, next to the fishpond. I live in a residential neighborhood, miles from where I usually see hawks. I love hawks, but I’d rather see them some place else than in my backyard because of my pet bunnies.

I was a bird watcher long before I ever had my own pet birds, so I had mixed emotions. It was like the time I saw a great egret, who eat fish, land on my roof and look down into my pond smacking his lips. I love big wading birds, but I don’t want one to eat my pet goldfish!

I was startled when I first saw the hawk, but later realized he was probably only at my pond to get a drink. After all, he landed far away from my bunnies’ pen. God gave hawks better eyesight than that!

Anyway, my dogs Nicki and Belty didn’t think a hawk belonged in our backyard, either. They must have smelled him, because they were in the house but ran out the doggie door as soon as I saw it land. The hawk saw them coming and flew away. What a beautiful creature he was! God is a very talented designer!


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