Introducing Hudson Bunny!


I wrote recently that one of my bunnies had died, and how my other bunny, Cadbury. was sad and lonely. As I said before, I wouldn’t ordinarily want to get a new pet so soon after being brokenhearted. But my hubby and I decided that Cadbury Bunny should have a new companion.

Cadbury now has a new boyfriend named Hudson. He is a fairly young bunny, still growing, but already is as big as Cadbury. Sometimes my hubby calls him Baby Huey, after the big diapered baby duck in comic books. Here’s Hudson Bunny relaxing after a hard day’s romp in the yard:

We weren’t sure they were going to get along, so I didn’t blog about it. At first, she fought him and chased him away. So, we put them in separate pens where they could get acquainted safely, with supervised visitation when I was outside. Finally, Cadbury, (and I) got used to the idea of a new bunny, and she started liking his company. She likes Hudson now, but sometimes she goes to where Jellybean died and pines. She (and I) will be fine. Here’s a picture of Cadbury and Hudson when they were first getting to know each other:

Now, Cadbury and Hudson snuggle and groom each other. Hudson is a very nice bunny. They have a bunny paradise outside our back door. They have their own little fenced bunny lawn, and they have a big, roomy hutch under our gazebo awning on the patio. They have their choice of sun or shade.  When I am outside, I open the bunny gate so they can romp around the backyard. They also like to lean far over and eat the tender plants in the fishpond. One time, Hudson even dove in the fishpond and swam across when Cadbury was chasing him before they became friends. After they have a nice romp in the yard, they go back into their own bunny yard for a nap, and I close the gate.

They also have a bunny pen in the house. We bring them inside on hot, rainy, cold, etc days.

Welcome home, Hudson Bunny!


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