Nicki, find the babies. My dog found a lost parakeet!


As you might already know, I have a lot of pets, including a cage-full of parakeets here in my office. The other day, I accidentally left the door of my parakeet cage open after feeding them, then went outside. While I was out in my backyard, five of my eleven parakeets got out of the cage. When I came in the back door, they were all flying around the kitchen, but they flew away in various directions. I looked everywhere for them, but I couldn’t find them!

Luckily, Nicki lives in my house…

All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

Nicki, my girl-dog mutt, got spayed when she was young. So, she’s never had puppies. BUT, God wired her with a maternal instinct to the max. She thinks all my other pets are her babies.

So, when I couldn’t find the parakeets, I said: "Nicki, find the babies". She immediately went searching for her "babies". One by one, she led me to them. One was found in a closet, one was up on a shelf, etc. One by one, they were put back in their house with the other parakeets.

Once four were back in their house, I took "inventory" and found that Monty was still missing. I asked Nicki once more "Nicki, find the baby…". She went looking again. Finally, she led me to the back room where we found Monty behind a chest of drawers. Monty had gotten stuck between the wall and the back of the chest of drawers, and couldn’t  get back out again.

When I put Monty back in the house, Monty and his girlfriend Gumby were very happy to see each other! (parrot-type birds mate for life) They immediately started doing the parakeet equivalent of hugging and kissing. Here’s a picture of them taken some time back:

Reunited and it feels so good.....

Gumby and Monty

Thank you, Nicki! I would have never found all the "babies" without your help. Good girl!


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