Wanna see a dancing parrot?


Gerry sent me a link to this video of a dancing cockatoo. You won’t believe until you see it. Snowball actually dances on the beat most of the time. If you look at the bottom left corner of the video, you’ll see a parrot like Rufus trying to dance, too.

Rufus loves to dance to music he likes, and make "finger snapping" noises, but he can’t quite get coordinated with the beat. He often practices, with no music, "snapping his fingers" while bobbing his head, trying to get them both on the downbeat. He’s trying to learn to bob his head on every beat, and snap his fingers on two and four. (His favorite music is all in 4/4.) He raises his foot when he "snaps his fingers". He’s a crackup.

But, I can’t get a video of him. He is camera shy. He stops doing things when I get the camera. Bummer. Here’s a video of me trying to catch him dancing. He stops as soon as he sees the camera. Here’s another video of a time he stopped dancing. You can see Peanut Boy in the cage, too. That is the show tune cable channel playing in the background. Rufus will often dance to show tunes. He also likes Roy Orbison.

Rufus likes to learn new things. I showed this video to Rufus for inspiration. He was really paying attention. Yes, really!

Even likes watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. He even laughs. Yes, really!


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