Goodbye Peanut Boy. We will miss you very much….


Our parrot, Peanut Boy died tonight. Peanut Boy was a Timneh African Grey parrot, and a very loving member of our family.

Peanut Boy

Peanut Boy Peanut Boy

His last owner, an elderly man, died. Poor Peanut Boy had been bonded with his owner, and was grieving thereafter. He had pulled out many of his feathers and was in very poor shape. The man’s widow was no solace for Peanut Boy, and she gave up and decided to find him a new home.

Most of our pets come from sad situations, and when I saw Peanut Boy, with his feathers all chewed up, my heart broke for him.

I brought him home and he became a member of our family. In time, Peanut Boy fell in love with my hubby, and his feathers slowly recovered.

He was bonded to my hubby, like my hubby was his mate. Peanut Boy would sit on my hubby’s shoulder and whisper sweet nothings into my hubby’s ear. We would pause the TV and just listen to Peanut Boy and smile at each other. Peanut Boy will be very much missed.

We are very happy that Peanut Boy was able to find a second love in his life after his old owner died. We will miss him very much, but we are consoled with the thought that he was a happy bird till the day he died.

Dear God,

Please accept our Peanut Boy into your arms.


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