God has an interesting sense of timing. Bye Buy, Bruiser. I will miss you.


My doctor said I have to get rid of my birds because of my lung problems. I do NOT want to get rid of my birds — they are members of the family.

Anyway, God has his own solutions to problems, I guess. One of my parakeets died yesterday morning.

This parakeet, Bruiser, was "married" to Shelly. The funny thing was, that Bruiser and Shelly liked to hang out with Pipsqueak, my only lovebird. The three of them would always be all in a row on a short perch in the upper corner of their cage. I will miss seeing the social interaction between these three best friends.

The thing is, Pipsqueak acted fast. Shelly, Bruiser’s widow, has already been doing Pipsqueaks "hair". (Birds will bend down and let other birds preen their head -the only place they can’t reach on their own.) I’m happy they still have each other, anyway.

Bye bye, Bruiser. I will miss you.


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