Well, so much for my science experiment

I blogged yesterday about my lovebird, Pipsqueak, being in love with one of my parakeets. Apparently, Shelly has abandoned her egg. That happens a lot in the bird world, but only the bird knows the reason why.

It is possible that Pipsqueak is also a female. Most parrot varieties are not dimorphic, meaning that you can’t tell the males and females apart. You have to check the DNA of most parrots to determine gender. Really. They used to have to operate and look at the sex organs before DNA analysis. Seriously!

Parakeets are one of the very few parrot varieties that you can tell the gender. Girls have a pinkish tan area called a “cere” above the beak, and in boys it is blue.

Black Masked Lovebird
Boy on the left, Beady, with girl,  Miss Piggy
(Click picture for closer look)
Pipsqueak – Black Masked Lovebird
Boy or Girl? Who knows?

Seeing who is in love with whom is not even a good indicator. In the years that I have kept parakeets, there have been several bonded pairs of the same gender. So, Pipsqueak and Shelly might both be girls. Who knows. It’s quite possible that Shelly just laid an egg, and that it wasn’t fertile.


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