For those who have asked, here is a video of Rufus.

Nope, it’s not him talking, I’ve never been that lucky, but I’ve tried.

Rufus loves my foot

This video is actually from a few years ago. Rufus and I were on the back patio, and he bent his head down to get a good scratching. He’s not too fond of my hands because they do bad things, like put him back in his house when he is naughty. But, my feet are never mean to him, so he loves my feet. He is actually quite bonded to my Hubby, now.

Our poor Peanut Boy died recently. Peanut Boy was a Timneh African Grey Parrot. (Rufus in a Congo). Peanut Boy loved my Hubby very, very much, and was with him every evening whispering sweet nothings into my Hubby’s ear. It broke our hearts when God took him to birdie heaven.

Rufus moved right in on my hubby as soon as he was available. My hubby is still broken hearted, but he is a good sport and gives Rufus affection, any way.

Penny, my cockatiel, is the only bird bonded to me. She wants to be on my shoulder all day long, and would sleep with me if it let her. Does my life sound boring? Yes! But that’s the way I like it.


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