Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

It is too cold to go outside. Brrr. But, I have a lot of things in the house to keep me entertained:

Since it is so cold, we brought the bunnies inside a few days ago. Our two bunnies apparently are prepared for winter. They dug a big underground burrow. I can’t even reach the end of it, and I am tall with long arms. Any way, I am too nervous to leave my bunnies outside when it is below freezing outside. My bunnies can see out the glass patio door where I have their pen set up. Hopefully, they will figure out why Mom is making them stay in the house. On the other hand, God planned it so that wild bunnies do fine in the snow, but I feel better knowing my pet bunnies are warm inside.

In other news, I saw something I had never seen before the other day…

Background: Some years back, I took in two abandoned, featherless, crippled parakeet babies I named Fred and Ginger. They are now grown and happy, but their legs are still crippled and in a permanent “splits” called “splay leg”. In order to stand on a perch, they have to stand on one leg, and lean over sideways and stick the other leg out sideways and hold on to the side of the cage. Because of this, they are unable to snuggle next to their sweeties on the perch as the other parakeets are able to do.

So, the other day, I saw Ginger, (who turned out to be a boy), sitting on the bottom of the cage in a splits. (birds never are on the floor unless they are eating or tending a nest) Ginger’s girlfriend was next to Ginger, leaning over and laying her head on Ginger’s shoulder. It was the sweetest thing! Love conquers all!


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