Thinking of warmer days: Pictures of our backyard goldfish pond

It is cold outside, below freezing. Two days ago it was warm (70 F) and sunny, but it is icy outside today. The top of our goldfish pond is freezing over. And, the splashing in the waterfall is developing a beautiful ice sculpture.

My hubby built me this pond several years ago. My pond is a beautiful addition to our backyard.

It started with a hole in the ground:

pond under construction    

Then it was lined with a pad, heavy plastic, and finally rocks, before the water was added:

pond just finished and full of water

Stage one complete – a hole with water in it, with bare ground around it.

Rufus blocking view of pond

Behind Rufus, the pond is getting a little more mature looking. More and more lily plants grow every spring:

The pond in the spring time and summer 

The leaves die, and the plants stay dormant until spring, while the pond ices over:

Brr. The pond in the winter.

Soon, it will look like this outside, again.

It hasn’t snowed enough to stay on the ground here yet. But, it snows every winter. Every winter, we eventually have a winter wonderland outside.

Our 50 goldfish float, suspended, near the bottom of the pond, conserving their energy as God designed, waiting for warmer days ahead.


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  1. Love it, looks great. I am from Sydney, so don’t appreciate or understand the the whole snow thing with your pond. Can believe the fish survive that. God bless. Shane

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