Bunnies, goldfish and dogs, oh my!

When I blogged yesterday about the love affair between my lovebird and one of my parakeets, Sherri Walker made a comment about her “guinea pig that kept trying to mate with my bunny”. That reminded me of when we first got a second bunny to keep Cadbury Bunny company after her bunny friend, Jellybean died.

Hudson, as his previous owner named him, chased Cadbury all over, trying to mate with her. But, Cadbury, who was spayed, was scared of the situation. So, we took Hudson to the vet for him to get neutered.

After Hudson was anesthetized, and the vet was ready with his scalpel, the vet tech called us. She said that they can’t neuter Hudson, but would we like her spayed. Huh? Hudson is a girl bunny? We said go ahead.

“Miss” Hudson – big girl bunny Cadbury- small girl bunny

So, now we have two spayed girl bunnies, and these silly bunnies take turns chasing each other around the yard trying to mount the other one. It is so funny, because Cadbury is half the size of “Miss” Hudson, and when she tries to mount her, Hudson takes off hopping across the yard. It looks like Cadbury is at a rodeo trying to ride a bull. Ye hah!

A bunny expert friend of mine told us that the mounting behavior is a “dominance” thing, not a sexual thing. They are both wanting to be “Top Bunny” of the yard. When they are not competing, they get along fine; playing together and taking turns deciding which direction to romp next.

In other pet news:Nicki says: “Me? Little sweet me? A fish murderer?”

Yesterday, my hubby glanced out the window in time to see our dog, Nicki, by the fishpond with a fish tail hanging out of her mouth! By the time he got to her, all that was left of my poor goldfish was a couple of scales. What in the heck! We have no idea how Nicki managed to catch a goldfish. In the winter, being cold-blooded, they stay near the bottom of the pond in a semi-dormant state. All I can figure is that one died and floated to the top.

Nicki says: “Me? Little sweet me? A fish murderer?”

However! One time last spring, in the spawning season, Nicki also had a fish in her mouth, but we rescued it. When the goldfish spawn, they can get really energetic, and sometimes flop into the air. We figured that the fish had flopped itself out of the pond entirely, and Nicki grabbed it instinctively since it was moving so much.


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