“Inter-Species” Love Update

My lovebird, Pipsqueak, and my parakeet, Shelly, have continued mating since I first noticed it recently. I blogged about it here.

She had laid two eggs before they were mating, but had not sat on them. Well, in the last four days, she has laid two eggs, are she is very interesting in hatching them. Pipsqueak is a very attentive potential father to be, sitting by the next and keeping her company.

That’s Pipsqueak, the lovebird, on the top, and Shelly, the parakeet, is in the back facing the camera in the picture at the right:

Pipsqueak - Lovebird

Pipsqueak - Lovebird

Shelly in the back - Parakeet

Shelly in the back - Parakeet

I don’t know if the eggs are fertile or not, but time will tell. I can’t find any instance of a lovebird having babies with a parakeet on the internet. But, perhaps there never was a lovebird in love with and mating with a parakeet.We will see.


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