Oh, the sun will come out –TODAY!

It is supposed to get up to 75 degrees F today. For you Celsius users, that is warm. It is below freezing right now, and it has been very cold all week, so, that will be very nice!

In Oklahoma City the weather changes by the hour. I had never seen that before in all my years living in California. In southern California, it would look like it wanted to rain for a couple of weeks, and then finally rain.

Here, it will be blue sky and white puffy clouds one minute, and a big black thunderstorm will roll in five minutes later.

So, going from freezing in the early morning to nice and sunny later is nothing for an Oklahoman.

So, I’m going to go outside and play this afternoon. My oxygen hose barely reaches to the patio chair. I’m going to string it up out of the way from the chewing bunnies and parrot and romping dogs. It’s not fun having your nostrils ripped out by a dog tripping on your oxygen hose.

I’m going to let the bunnies out to romp, bring a couple bird cages out, have Penny, on my shoulder, and Rufus meandering around making trouble. My dogs love to chase squirrels, and just romp and play when Mom are outside. All the animals, and I, get bored of being in the house.


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