Life in Our Backyard – The Movie

Hi Everybody,

On nice days, I like to spend a lot of time in my backyard. I live in a residential area in a big city Just a short drive off the main road, but it’s very quiet. All I can hear is the rushing water in my pond’s waterfall, and the calls of the birds, and a few dog barks, near and far.

My wonderful hubby built me my wonderful pond with his own two hands several years ago. It was very hard work, but that’s just how much he loves me. I am one blessed girl! God picked me a wonderful hubby!

It’s my little paradise away from the rest of the world. When I am in my backyard, it is my time of worship with God. I can see God most when I look at his creation. I love to watch the birds (both pet and wild), fish, squirrels, trees, clouds, bunnies, and a lot of other aspects of God’s creation. I just gape in awe, thinking how good he is to make such beautiful things for me to enjoy.

Two days ago, it was 75 degrees. It is freezing now at almost 4:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, and it was freezing a few days before it was 75 degrees. So, it was a wonderful time to go out and visit with God.

Here’s some movies I took that day. You can hear Rufus, my parrot, doing jaybird calls. When we are outside, that’s all he wants to do, bird calls. He knows he is a bird, and he likes to watch other birds. At one point, you can see him looking up at birds in the sky, cocking his head to stare with one eye to get a good look. He does a bird call at each bird that flies by. Very good company, that’s what he is.

You can tell, if you listen very carefully, that my hubby called me on the phone during the second video. If you are very clever, you MIGHT be able to figure out when.

My yard is pretty small, but it has several ecosystems. We have the pond, the bunny pen, the waterfall hill, the grasslands, the garden, the compost bin, and the patio. There are many animals in the various ecosystems. See how many you can count!

Life in the Backyard Part I 

 Life in the Backyard Part II

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