My boy lovebird, Pipsqueak, is trying to hatch eggs.

(Edited to add: We found later that Pipsqueak was actually laying the eggs, so she was not a boy after all. But, she would mate with Shelly just like if she was a boy – so it was an easy mistake to make. Pipsqueak has since died and we miss her:  Goodbye Pipsqueak. We will miss you very much Pipsqueak’s mate, Shelly, has found a new love: It is official: My parakeet widower and my parakeet widow are now an item.)

I’ve written a couple of times about my lovebird and my parakeet that are trying to raise a family. Shelly, the parakeet, has been laying different sized eggs. For some reason or other, she lays the small eggs in her nest (food dish) and lays the big eggs on the floor of the cage.

Animals are programmed by God to know how to take care of their babies. It is hardwired into their brains. That is how I define “instinct”. Anyway, for some reason, Shelly is rejecting the big eggs as bad, and abandoning them.

This is not sitting well with Pipsqueak, my lovebird, Shelly’s mate. He has start collecting those big eggs in the corner and is sitting on them. The picture below is from a few days ago, before Pipsqueak started sitting on the eggs. I wish I had gotten a picture of one of the big eggs in this view. The incubation time of about two weeks (for both lovebirds and parakeets) starts counting after the last egg has been laid, but Shelly is laying a lot of eggs. There are four small ones in the nest, and three big ones under Pipsqueak.

I am very curious what we will get, if anything, out of these eggs (the big ones for sure will not hatch – they were cold for too long). They should not be able to produce offspring because according to “mainstream” science they are different “species’. But, in my opinion, lovebirds and parakeets are just variations of God’s created Parrot Kind, and as such should be interfertile.

In my opinion these eggs are fertile as evidenced by the different sizes. I’ve had other parakeets lay eggs, Shelly hatched out of one of those eggs. The four in the nest are regular parakeet sized eggs.

There is still time to wait though. It will be at least two weeks before the eggs will hatch, (if they hatch) if Shelly has stopped laying eggs. The most eggs I’ve personally ever had in a clutch here at home is eight eggs, but not all of them hatched, and not all that hatched lived.

Anyway, time will tell. If an egg hatches, that is scientific proof that parakeets and lovebirds can have babies together. I have seen nothing about this on the web. But, Pipsqueak’s lovebird mate died, and he fell in love with a parakeet. That might not have happened before. Apparently, if they hatch, this will be a first.



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    You need to stop hitting the bottle. Go back to sleep and everything will be allllllllllright!

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