My hubby doesn’t think we are going to have baby birds.

Pipsqueak, Lovebird with Shelly, Parakeet My hubby has an interesting theory He thinks Pipsqueak and Shelly are both girls. His reason is that there are two consistent sizes of eggs, those in Shelly’s nest, and larger ones the floor of the cage. I thought that Shelly was just rejecting the bigger eggs as bad, which is common in nature. I have seen Pipsqueak and Shelly mating many times, so I thought for sure that Pipsqueak was a boy, but I have been wrong before:

When we got Cadbury Bunny a new bunny buddy after her mate died, the new bunny, Hudson, would chase her around the yard trying to mate with her. Cadbury did not know what was going on because she had been spayed when she was younger.

Anyway, so the day that Hudson was going to get neutered, the vet tech called and told us that they could not neuter Hudson, but would we like HER spayed. We found out later that bunnies use the mounting behavior as a form of dominance. Now both bunnies, both girls, mount each other.

So,  my hubby doesn’t think we are going to have baby birds. Something in their friendship prompted them to both lay eggs at the same  time, says my hubby. I guess we will see.


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