I’m the Big Bunny around here

I was just outside with the doggies and bunnies. First thing in the morning, my boy dog, Belty, makes a check for security breeches. He walks along the backyard fence, sniffing the ground as he goes, making sure there were no trespassers during the night. He LOVES trespassers. He is the self appointed security guard, and his duty is to keep squirrels, mice, bunnies, etc out of our yard. He has never caught anybody. In fact, he stops running if they stop running. It’s just the fun of the chase. You’ve never seen a dog with a bigger smile as when he is chasing a squirrel.

So, anyway, now that I am more ambulatory, I have been helping Belty patrol in the mornings, and different times during the day, when he feels it is necessary. So, a little while ago, I noticed that the bunny pen area had no more grass. The bunnies had eaten the grass down to the roots. Oh, they get bunny food and fruit and veggie scraps, but they still like grass and weeds to eat. I pull henbit and dandelions and toss them in the pen, and the bunnies love it.

So, there I was, looking at no grass in the bunny pen, and a lot of grass everywhere else. So, I put a portable folding bunny pen around the area with the highest grass, under the park bench by the pond. I put the bunnies in there, and they started happily eating grass, then I took me and the dogs back inside.

Then, I was tidying up the kitchen, and looked out the window, and my biggest bunny was sitting on the park bench! I had no idea that she’d be able to jump that high. So, I ran outside (I don’t leave the bunnies unattended with the dogs) to make sure she would not jump over the fence.

As I was moving the fence from around the back of the park bench, I was talking to the bunnies. I’m here by myself all day, every day, until my hubby comes home. I find myself talking to the animals a lot. But, the more I talk to them, the more they understand, so it works out well. Rufus sometimes answers me back, or makes rude comments, or laughs. (oh, he’s my parrot)

So there I was, I was talking to my bunny, and I heard myself say this: “You think you’re a big bunny? I’m the Big Bunny around here”. What in the heck? I just told a rabbit that I’m a big bunny? It made me laugh out loud when I heard that come out of myself.

Old X, she is a strange one.

I might be on the computer some more today, or I might not. As much as I love visiting with my friends, like I’ve said before, I have to keep moving around to keep getting better. Moving around more has made a big difference in my lungs. They seem to be working better all the time. I’m using the oxygen less and less.

Even my arms and legs got weak from sitting around. The more I move around and do stuff, the better, and stronger I have been feeling.

So, if I don’t get back to you right away, understand that being on the computer too much is bad for my health.

I’m going to put my wash in the dryer, tidy up my room, go play with the dogs some more, maybe move the bunny pen to another grassy area.

But, remember, above all else, “I’m the Big Bunny around here!”.


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