I will be outside enjoying the Creation for a while…

I’m a happy girl. My hubby is buying me a screen room for the back porch! It will be aluminum framing and all the walls are just enough aluminum framing to hold up window screens. I am going to be practically living out there!

Right now, as I said in my last post, I spend some time with my pets on the FRONT porch. But, the BACK porch has a better view – My wonderful pond that my hubby built and maintains for me. It’s just not comfortable to lounge around on, YET!

WELL! Now, I will be able to go out the sliding glass patio door and walk right out into a little room just big enough for a futon and two patio chairs and two little bitty tables next to the chairs for coffee and soda pop.

I am so exited! I’m going to be folding down the futon, and laying around with the dogs and watching the wild birds at the pond and watching my bunnies scamper around. Plus, my pet birds will be out there on nice days, too. I have never felt comfortable leaving my birds outside on nice days, but this little room will be a part of our house, and it will be secure.

My pesky doctors keep telling me to get rid of the birds since they contribute to lung problems, and I keep telling them it was the mold and NOT the birds. I’m not going to get rid of my family members for Pete’s sake!

But, now, the birds will be in a different air space on nice days. On the off chance that my birds helped to make me sick, this will help.

pic13dorothy&tot-bw My banner on my space says: “Life in Our Backyard”. My backyard is my favorite place on earth. I am serious. My hubby and I do not travel, at ALL. Why should I?  My hubby makes my backyard so wonderful and peaceful for me, there is no need to go on vacation. This screen room is one more thing that will make my backyard my own Heaven on earth.

Springtime is my favorite time of year. I’ll be in the backyard enjoying God’s Creation for a while…

There’s no place like home…..


Edited to add:

Here’s a picture of my new screen room. It’s just itty bitty, big enough for the birds, the dogs, me, the futon and a couple of chairs. But, it’s paradise to me. It’s rained for three days, but it’s neat that I can sit out in the “rain” and not get wet. Fun: My little paradise in the backyard...

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