Have you ever seen eyes with such love in them before?

This is what a good boy looks like when he is looking at him Mom:

Belty looking adoringly at Mom

That is Belty on my lap one day when I was slobbing around on the back patio. That boy loves his Mom!

I’ve spend a lot of time my good dog Belty all the time, but even more since we found his kidneys are shutting down. I was just looking at pictures of him just now, and I saw some pictures that I haven’t seen since the were taken.

I just want to post this blog for no apparent reason. I’m going to lose my boy sooner than later, and I am just wanting to tell everybody what a good boy he is.


That there is a picture of a boy who needs a haircut pretty soon. Two or three time a year, Belty gets a Marine haircut so he can see out of those pretty eyes. Actually, my good boy is also losing his eyesight and hearing, as well as his kidney function.

Belty being a computer desk in my lazy boy chair.Here is a picture of Belty doing his job as a computer desk in my lazy boy chair. It is grainy, as is the one above, because I took them with my cell phone, but they are of my Boy, so I like them.

Falling in love is wonderful, but knowing you are going to lose your loved one is terrible.

I’m going to enjoy every second that I can with my good boy.


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