Why do dogs have eyebrows?

Nicki, Daddy's Girl, with her "Daddy I love you so much" face.

My other dog, Nicki, has not gotten much press in my blog lately. But, today is her day.

Nicki is a scared little girl. Scared of everything. In fact, when Rufus, our parrot pictured in my banner, hears her name, he goes “Yipe!!”.

The one thing special about Nicki is that she has cute brown eyebrows. We tell her that the last two things that God said when he designed her was “Doink Doink”. That is the sound of eyebrows being put on a dog, in case you don’t know. God speaks things into existence the Bible says.

I am teased about my faith in God as creator (as if it bothers me). I am an equal opportunity believer, though. For the first over 40 years of my life, I believed that the universe and everything in it was just a random act. The second half of my life is going to be spent giving glory to God as creator of the heavens, the earth, and everything in it (including dog eyebrows).

There is no need for a dog to have eyebrows. She has no advantage at getting food, getting a mate, and being safe from predators by having brown eyebrows.

Nicki has eyebrows for one reason, the reason God decided on. Nicki has eyebrows because they make her look cute.

Doink doink!


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