The Christmas Eve 2009 Blizzard of Oklahoma City!

 A White Christmas Eve in Oklahoma City!

My first blizzard! That’s what the weather forecast called it: “Blizzard”. It is snowing cats and dogs outside. It started snowing a little while ago, and how! The forecast is anywhere from 8” to 14”. But, forecasting the weather in Oklahoma City is an exercise in futility. It is said:

“If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma City, wait five minutes.”

Direct link to video if you want to see it full size in

My wonderful hubby went outside to get my bunnies. They are in a pen, romping in the dining room. Actually, God designed bunnies to live outside, and my bunnies love to romp in the snow. But, my hubby and I worry about my bunnies if they have the potential to get wet. They have a wooden house, under an overhang, with a pile of hay they burrow and snuggle together in. We worry if they went out in the snow to eat and go potty they would get the hay wet, and not be able to stay warm.

I get a thrill when it snows. Before I moved to Oklahoma City after I married my hubby, I had not seen snow very often. When I did see snow, I had to drive over an hour to see it. Oh, it snowed a couple of times, but it would melt within an hour. Having all this snow in my own backyard is fun for this born and bred California Girl.

Merry Christmas, to those who celebrate it, and a Happy New Year!


Edited to add two hours later: I have to change my mind. It’s not fun now. It is scary. Driving is hazardous and freeways are closed. This is not good since so many people are “going to Grandma’s house” for Christmas. The whole yard is white, even my screened in porch is covered with snow. People are advised not to drive lest they get stranded. The rescue personnel are spread very thin with all of the bad conditions. Our power is flickering on and off. I’ll bet the power will be out by the end of the day.


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