An ice storm is on its way to my house

Here in Oklahoma City we are preparing an ice storm.

My hubby went shopping to stock up on food in case we are stuck at home for a while. It was not an original idea! The store was packed with people preparing for the storm.

Ice storms are not fun. Ice builds up on power lines and weighs the lines down. If this storm is anything like past storms, there will be most likely many people without power for days or a week, or more.

We’ve had a lot of power outages due to ice storms. The last time I was on the couch wrapped in blankets with my three dogs piled on me waiting for the heat to come back on. Since the lights were out, I moved the couch to the glass patio door so I could read while I watched the storm.

The nice part of an ice storm is that it turns my backyard into a winter wonderland. The California Girl part of me never tires of seeing snow.

This post is putting me in the mood for some hot food. I think I’ll have some more potato/corn chowder that my hubby made for me…


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