Rant of the day: My backyard fence that I share with my irresponsible neighbor is falling down. Rats

I share a fence with a neighbor and this fence is starting to lean over really far. The weight of all the snow we have had lately has pushed on it more and more with each storm.

There is no snow on the ground right now, so it would be a good time to fix it. (It snowed yesterday, but it did not stay on the ground)

I’m expecting a fence contractor any minute. I’m hoping that a couple of posts can be replaced and the panels can remain. A new fence is NOT in our budget right now.

This fence keeps our dogs safe in our yards. The frustrating thing is that I’m sure that my neighbor will not want to share the cost of repair even though we share the fence.

My neighbors don’t care if their dogs get out, as I ranted in another post recently:

But, fixing this fence is a major concern for me as a big time animal lover. My dogs getting out would be a major catastrophe.

Since I never got around to being having children, my God-given maternal instinct only gets used on my pets. Keeping my pets safe is very important to me. ….

Oh, well. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I had this fence built several years ago before those neighbors moved in. I had other irresponsible pet owner neighbors before them. I had to pay the whole cost of construction last time even though they got half the benefit.

The previous neighbors also had dogs but did not love them enough to take care of them. The would get a puppy, play with it until it grew up. Then, give it away and get another puppy till it grew up. They also took their cat to the pound because it had fleas.

Pets were replaceable to them. It was not worth it to have a fence to keep them in their yard. Ooh. I just can’t understand people like that.


Edited to add:

The fence guy just left. We are getting our fence fixed tomorrow – ugly but cheap – for $400. We are getting new posts put in a foot away from the broken posts. It’s a lot cheaper if they don’t have to dig up the old posts. Plus, the panels don’t have to come down. That’s great, because now we don’t have to “coordinate” with the neighbors to keep their dog (the other is still lost) in the house during construction.

UPDATE: Next morning:

OK. Now I’m mad. The fence contractor guy who came out and gave us a bid on our fence got fired from the company he worked for. I just called to see when he was coming out, and they said he was fired. I have a feeling that good old Larry was working under the table. He said we could have a discount if we paid cash for our fence repair. In retrospect, that sounds pretty shady. I’ve been really stressed about the fence falling down and not having the money to fix it. It did not register at the time that good old Larry might not be on the up and up. Dang. X

UPDATE: The morning after that:

I talked to the owner of the fence company yesterday. He came out and gave us a legitimate estimate of the work. But, surprise surprise, he decided to honor the price Larry had given us! Apparently he’s happy we let him know what had happened instead of going with Larry. I was willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars more just to make this right, but we get to pay the low amount after all! Thanks, fence company owner guy! The crew will be here to make the repairs sometime “mid-morning”, and then my doggies will be secure in a safe yard. 


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