The squeaky wheel pays no return shipping charges

Koi KastleI just got off the phone with an internet store. I bought a product a couple of weeks ago that did not live up to it’s sales pitch….

The product I bought was a “Koi Kastle”. This product is intended to be a safe haven in which fish can hide from a predator.

The reason I wanted this product can be found in my blog entry entitled: I am having mixed feelings about the magnificent Great Blue Heron that’s been visiting our goldfish pond…

As I  said in that blog entry, I am both a bird watcher and a Pet Mom. I was excited to see such a beautiful bird in my back yard, but he ate about a third of my pet goldfish before I saw him. They feed early in the morning when it is still mostly dark.

Here is a picture of the heron sitting on our waterfall. By this time, my hubby had covered up the pond with a floating net made for that purpose. I feel bad that he was hungry, but there’s a lot of lakes in this town with more fish. He does not have to eat my babies.

A magnificent Great Blue Heron who ate my goldfishI was broken hearted because most of my goldfish were born in my fishpond and I have watched them grow up. He even ate Rick. Rick and Ilsa are the parents or grandparents of most of my fish. I still hurt over it.

Anyway, so the write up on this product was that it was a safe place to hide from predators. The ding dong thing was $48.98, including shipping, so I expected it was going to be worth the price and my fish would be protected.

Wrong! The thingy was so flimsy I could not believe it! It was a thin sheet of plastic molded into a tunnel. It had no weight to it at all. If you picked it up it would just wiggle.

In my humble opinion, if a great blue heron saw my fish go in it, he would could just reach his long neck down and lift the “Koi Kastle” up and out of the water entirely.

Naturally, I decided to return it and get my money back. I called and got instructions for returning it. My hubby took it down to the mailing center and they told him that it would cost $39 dollars for shipping! No way!

I got on the phone and told that it was unacceptable that I should have to pay that much to return an unacceptable product. So, they emailed me a UPS mailing label with the shipping price encoded into it.

I just called to check on my order and see if they received it yet. While I was at it, I double checked to make sure that I would not have to pay back the cost of the shipping. I was assured that I would not have to.

So, I am going to be “made whole” as they say on “The People’s Court”. I am going to be exactly back where I started – I won’t be out any money for trying out this flimsy product.

But, this company is going to have to do some very fancy dancing to get me to be a customer in the future…..

Oh, and my hubby and I went to the “Habitat for Humanity” used building supplies store and got some vent pipe for cheap. It’s going to be our new Koi Kastle…

The fishpond still has the netting on it to keep the heron out, but when it warms up and the lilies and parrot’s feather plants start growing the net has to come off. That’s when my sweet hubby will set up my fishies’ new house.

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