I saw the first Robin of Spring this morning! My backyard will soon be turning green

American Robin An American Robin came to my backyard this morning to assure me that warm weather is coming soon. This California Girl has had more than enough of the snow this Winter! I am so ready for some warmth…

I am so ready for green things to start growing in my backyard! As I mentioned yesterday, my hubby already started my vegetable garden on the kitchen window sill by planting tomato seeds yesterday. (No tomatoes yet!)

In addition to the vegetable garden my hubby is going to plant me, greenery will soon be showing up in our pond…

Every Spring the parrots feather plants start sprouting again and soon spread over the surface. Every Winter I have to pull out the dying plants, but they come back even more lush the next Spring…

And then there are the water lilies. Every Winter they die, and every Spring little bitty shoots start coming up from the bottom of the pond. Every Spring, we get more and more lily leaves on the surface of the pond….

The parrots feather plants and the lilies come back every Spring. But, we will have to buy two or three water hyacinth to float in the top of the waterfall. They will reproduce and it will be all pretty up there.

Yes, it will soon be Spring, but I am cold right now. The good news is that my hubby has a pot of potato corn chowder bubbling on the stove. I’m eating good tonight! My tummy will be nice and warm. Yummy!


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